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moan it:
first breath: april 7th, 1995
candles blown: 24
star sign: aries/the ram (greco-roman), the boar (chinese)
birthstone: diamond ūüíé
reppin': lancaster, ca
grade: college graduate!
major: classical studies (greco-roman history, culture and language)
job: bold of you to assume that i have a job
i wanna be...: an e-girl, an owner of a company, a celebutante
tongues i speak: english (native), latin (better at translating), ancient greek (really, really rusty--don't ask me to say anything!!!) and spanish (ditto)
siblings: none, but my friends are like my siblings :)
religion: none!!!! i was raised mormon though
favorite color: pink
currently playing: pokémon prism & pokémon bronze (two really good gen II romhacks)
personality type: baby girl! although off-putting to some, i'm very childish. i know way too much about pokémon, i love stuffed animals, and i love anything that reminds me of youth. i'm kind of a little, in that respect. meet me (or look at my pictures idc), though, and you'll see that i'm grown as fuck.